Personal Information:   

Name:                           Mohammad Talat Mahmod Abad Aal

Gender:                       Male

Nationality:              Palestinian

Date of Birth:             4/10/1983

Marital Status:         Married

Address:                      Jordan – Zarka

Mobile number: +962-79-5678 103  

E-mail: M_Talat83@yahoo.com, Mohammad.Talat@RealSoft-me.com

                                                   PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY:

  •   Over 7 years of experience in Information Technology with Extensive knowledge and work Experience in design and development of Database applications in Client/Server environment using Oracle Database and PL/SQL Programming.
  •  Expertise working with Oracle 10g, 9i, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms 10g, Reports 10g. 
  • Extensive experience as Oracle Developer in utilizing PL/SQL procedures, functions, packages, triggers, shell scripting, unit testing and also involved in data extraction, transformation and loading operations on oracle using SQL Loader.
  • Customized and developed Forms and reports using Forms10g, Reports10g, Discoverer and Oracle BI Publisher.
  • Knowledge in utilizing ETL and BI tools, Oracle BI EE.
  • Good experience in Data Modeling, Relational Database concepts and Entity relation diagrams (ERD).
  • experience in SQL, PL, SQL programming and have used tools such as Toad, SQL Navigator and SQL Developer for Oracle SQL based database and application development and deployment.

                                                                  Technical Skills:

  • Databases: Oracle 10G.
  • Languages: Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, Reports,Discoverer,and Designer 10G.
  • DB Utilities: Toad 8.0/9.0, SQL Navigator 5.1, PL/SQL Developer, Export/Import, SQL Loader Utilities, Oracle APEX 3.0.
  • GUI Tools: Developer 2000(Forms 10g, Reports 10g, Graphics), Discoverer, Oracle BIEE, BI Answers, Dashboards, BI Publisher, MS Excel Data migration.
  • Installing and troubleshooting. 

                                                      PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

System Developer – Advanced Application (RealSoft) – October / 2008 to Up to date.

  • Primary responsibilities included system analysis, coding, testing, debugging and deploying.
  • Ensure application design and code meets user interface standards (Forms And reports).
  • Involved in the design and development of User Interface using Oracle Forms, which was integrated with menus, tabbed canvas and reports.
  • Created user friendly Oracle Forms for Data Entry, search criteria and Other Utilities.
  • Involved in Debugging, Troubleshooting Procedures, functions, packages, customizing the existing ones within tight deadlines.
  • Extensively used TOAD and PL/SQL Developer for daily development jobs.
  • Instrumental in developing PL/SQL procedures and rolling-out new improvements required for data load.
  • Worked extensively in Oracle BI Tools like Oracle Reports 10g /Forms 10g / BI Publisher.
  • Designed, developed and supported complex BI reports, report templates, and analytics applications using BI Answers.
  • Worked with front end application developers with their queries/stored procedures while building User-Interface for the project.
  • Adept Knowledge in using the tool Oracle Applications Express (Oracle APEX) 3.0 for building interactive web Applications.
  • Worked on FTP extensively by using the manual process and also using the FTP tools.
  • Processed new accounts for customers and assisted existing customers with account maintenance.
  • Technical Support Qatar Census 2010                     Qatar   – Doha
  • System analyst NGO Bahrain                                   Bahrain – Manama
  • Oracle Developer MOI Jordan elections 2010         Jordan   – Amman
  • System Developer HEAC outsourcing                     Oman   –   Muscat

Team leader – R.A.M Soft – May/2008 to October/2008.

  • Designed, developed, debugged, tested and supported software solutions with PL/SQL.
  • Created tables, views, synonyms, indexes, sequences and database links as well as custom packages tailored to business requirements.
  • Oracle developer skills using Developer 10g (reports/forms, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, and Toad against an Oracle database at release 10g or above.
  • Created Functional indexes, Domain indexes and to improved performance.
  • Data Loading and data migration – Used SQL Loader to load data from Flat files into staging tables and developed PLSQL programs and packages to load data from staging tables to Base tables.
  • Environment: ORACLE 10g, PL/SQL Packages, Procedures, Functions, Triggers, TOAD, SQL. 

Oracle Developer – Egnaa Soft – November / 2006 to April/2008.

  •  Building multi table relationship and writing stored procedure to clean the existing data. 
  • Coding of database Triggers, Stored Procedures and Maintaining Integrity Constraints.
  • Developed SQL*Plus reports to allow the manager to analyze the data directly accessing Oracle Server. 
  • Design and implementation of stored procedures and triggers for automating tasks. 
  • Report development and maintenance work in PL/SQL using applications like Reports 10g etc.
  • Handled Errors and Transaction Processing in the Procedures.
  • Supported production environment.
  • Environment: Oracle (Forms, Reports) 10g, SQL/PLSQL. 

                                                                                    Personal skills:

  • Open, Communicative skills.
  • Eager to learn new techniques and improve known ones.
  • Focused on results, flexible to work in hours and days out of the normal time table as required by projects and deadlines.
  • Sociable and considerate of others, setting high performance standards for team   Players and myself.
  • Analytical and creative in problem solving, with the capacity to deal with a wide range of complex issues.

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